Having shared the stage with countless great Jewish music stars, among them reggae star Matisyahu, as well as Soul Farm, and Moshav band!

Oneg produces music with an edge, combining contemporary musical concepts, styles and sounds with classic midrashic, kabbalistic and scriptural inspiration. Among his musical mentors is the Father of modern Jewish music, the legendary Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, and those early days together were some good and very special spiritual and musical times.

Oneg will be rocking stages across the globe over the next few months. Releasing hits left and right! If you're interested in booking this soulful one man act.... let us know! We're also able to bring as big of a band with Oneg as you would like. Of course the more teammates / musicians / entertainers you book.... the merrier for all attendees!

Ryan@SuccessWithTeamwork.com 619-432-2378 for all inquiries.

Here is one of his newest tracks! https://soundcloud.com/onegshemeshband/rededication-chanukah-song