As a talented artist, Lizzie is known for:

  • genre-spanning talent
  • bilingual lyrics
  • versatile style recording songs like
    • Rock
    • Punk
    • Rhythm and Blues
    • Trap
    • Dance
    • Pop
    • Electronic
  • First single: 2009’s “Tanto de Nada,” a moody acoustic pop ballad that got play on Latin-American music channel HTV
  • What she’s up to these days: turning her songwriting skills to the realm of EDM, POP MUSIC producing singles including “Deep Inside Of Me” a trap electronic track " Ouh Baby “ "Can You Make me Move" and many more..
  • Where else you may have seen her: discussing her latest works in a NotiMujer interview on CNN Español, Telemundo, etc.

Lizzie Blazquez