True Vodka

Our vodka is five times distilled by legendary supplier of spirits to the court of the Russian Tsar. This process remains notable not only in Russia but throughout the world, and has received the highest awards and medals granted throughout Europe. We offer this remarkable tradition and heritage to the United States in the form of TRUE Vodka.

We use the highest quality grain alcohol called "Lux", for the production of TRUE Vodka. It is made from mixed rye and wheat grains in Latvia. It is produced by a 5 times distillation process. In addition to this we use specially purified water from depths of a Kurzeme spring making, making TRUE the smoothest vodka on the market.

Our tasting notes yield a classic neutral nose with a hint of spice. Fresh, pure and crisp in the mouth; elegant, ultra clean, and breathtakingly fine, the extended finish gives a peppery life. Great distillation, makes TRUE the most exemplary sipping vodka.

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