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Add some style to your life with some of my art. She makes several different kinds of prints, original fabrics, fashion, and home decor in my Manhattan studio. Add some style to your life with some of my art. Chris has made several different kinds of prints, original fabrics, fashion, and home decor in my apartment in New York, New York. Everything she makes is handmade and 100% original. Chris Barreto is a Brazilian multimedia artist based in New York City. Ms. Barreto’s endeavors include additional artistic mediums in painting, home décor and textiles. For over twenty years her Art displays what it is meant to be, identity, inspiration and art in its purest form. Through her artistic philosophy, Ms. Barreto connects elements from the environment and spirituality to reveal human beings as works of art. Vibrant paintings and designs reflect this soulful aesthetic and original placement and presentation in her work.

Chris B With Photo + Outfit

Chris Barreto’s custom hand painted dresses were exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in a presentation entitled “Brazil: Body and Soul”. The American Museum of Natural History featured her delicate display of a dress made entirely out of chocolate where she partnered with legendary French chef François Payard. Ms. Barreto’s work has entitled her placement in various publications such as Vogue Italia, Vogue Japan, Sportswear International, WET Magazine, The Village Voice, NY Daily News and The Brazilian Times. In addition, her pieces have been worn by high profile celebrity clientele and displayed in feature films and TV shows internationally.

Chris Barreto Scarf

Chris Barreto Art Studio was founded in 1993 in Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro by the Brazilian artist Chris Barreto.The  studio received a great deal of publicity when  the singer MADONNA , in one of her concerts in Brazil, wore it. “A second skin top utilizing stretch semi- sheer material draws on the history of tradicional dress, including corsetry”-  says Valerie Steele.

In 1997 the studio happens to be in New York and collaborates with exhibitions in major museums such as The Guggenheim Museum  and The American Museum of Natural History.

In 2009 Chris Barreto in partnership with her husband , the Austrian model Thomas Grassberger, expanded the artwork studio, which besides creating paintings for Art exhibitions and Art galleries, launches a fashion line with a limited edition of Art Wear and custom costumes for artistic performances. In 2010 the studio creates a product line for Home Decor including pillows and exclusive prints for fabrics and wallpapers.

Following the concept of affordable art, in 2015 the studio creates special editions of works of Art in acrylic paintings, engravings and posters for online shops.

Chris Rugs

For more info visit You can purchase items online or meet Chris and her wonderful team at future fashion + art events! Use promo code SWT10 for 10% off your purchase!

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