SWT Saturdays

Join hundreds of guests on January 12th at Célon Lounge at the The Bryant Park Hotel

FREE admission from 10 pm til close for all guests 21+ of age who say Success With Teamwork or @ryanshemen guest list.

Bottle packages are available for all group sizes.
Sponsorship for brands is available as well.

For additional info message us anytime or check out:
Additional information can be found on: SuccessWithTeamwork.com 619-432-2378
Email: Ryan@SuccessWithTeamwork.com
#SuccessWithTeamwork = @Instagram
SuccessWTeamwrk = @Twitter
Sucrezey = #Snapchat
Success With Teamwork = @Facebook+ @YouTube+ @Google+ @Yelp
Success With Teamwork LLC. = @LinkedIn

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