Masquerade Singles Party! VIP Launch Extravaganza

High Tea Club, New York CIty’s premier marriage-oriented matchmaking concierge for Asian Americans, is pleased to announce that it will be partnering with Lovestruck Infinity to bring the High Tea Club ft. Lovestruck brand into NYC.

This invite-only event will be a press release/opening party featuring a merger of Lovestruck, a public Datetix company High Tea Club

For tickets:

We will be inviting in a group of around 100 guests comprising of:
- businessmen and women with net worth of $15 million +
- Models/pageant girls from Miss Chinese New York and Miss ATV USA
- Foreign nationals from mainland China who are looking to remain in New York in the long run
- Alumni association representatives of universities like Yale, Brown, Columbia and Cornell
- Senior level employees of name brand firms ranging from bulge bracket banks to law firms
- Well-connected real estate professionals who are trust attorneys, accountants, immigration lawyers, and so forth.
Demographic breakdowns:
-Age range densely concentrated around 25-35
-Of Asian descent
-Single, seeking marriage in upcoming 1-3 years

The nature of this event is a branded, matchmaking event so our agenda will include: icebreakers, games, and so forth.

**As an early disclamer, the event is meant to be invite-only. Even if you are on the guest list, however, you will be asked to be verified and provide us with appropriate confidential information.

We will offer the option of curating customized match selections for guests to meet before and after the official event. We will screen your application and based on your unique preferences, cater a match for you to meet one-on-one. Each customized date is $50. We have the option for pre-event makeup/hair services and on-site profile picture photoshoot.

Early bird tickets will be $60, and at-the-door prices will be $90.

For more info give us a call at: 619-432-2378 or email

Sponsorship opportunities are available! Invite any friends 21+

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